"Four Seasons Hydra": The restaurant

A restaurant? A tavern? A small tavern? Or something else? An entirely different experience? Picture yourself sitting at a table. In front of you there is a gorgeous salad, delicious homemade appetizers, good wine from our cellar and tasty fish caught last night by boats of Hydra. What more can you ask for fishing?

Is there something else? Of course there is, if the above scene takes place in "Four Seasons Hydra"!

Because in the "Four Seasons Hydra" restaurant, your table will be only a few meters from the beach surf. Whether you enjoy your meal or your dinner, the pleasure will be felt not only in your mouth but throughout your senses.

In the end, is it a restaurant, a tavern, or a small tavern? None of the aforementioned and perhaps all of these. Or maybe, it is an unforgettable experience.


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